Bovi Wash

Cleaning and disinfection systems to prevent hoof-skin diseases, as digital dermatitis

Bovi Trim

Simple and effective hoof trimming crushes developed for farmers

Bovi Care

Effective and convenient products developed for prevention and treatment

A Family Company from Denmark

Bovi Hoof Care are a family owned company which is located in Give Denmark. Henrik Hein Joergensen is the CEO and owner of the company, he started his career as a farmer and managed a farm with milking cows until 2007 where he decided to start Bovi Hoof Care. A family company with a vision for making all hoof problems disappear, by combining knowledge, good products and management. All our care products are developed together with professional hoof trimmers, and some of the best farmers in Denmark. The key elements is to be innovative and a first mover. We are therefore always trying to expand with new products in both hoof trimming and hoof washing of cows and sows.

Our slogan ”because more knowledge brings more value” is an expression for the underlying philosophy of Bovi Hoof Care. This philosophy is that our products should be a reflection of the knowledge and experience we have within agriculture. In this way we are able to create more value for our customers. It is a fact that management is a big part of being a modern farmer. Therefore, it is not only our primary goal to deliver quality products, but also to bring knowledge to our customers on how they use our products in the best possible way, in their specific situation.

Lely - Official third part supplier

Bovi Hoof Care are official third part supplier of the Meteor system to Lely Industries. We have through a close partnership with Lely Industries created the Meteor concept, this concept is the all-round approach for optimum hoof health. With farm management to create the right environment, and then the 2 phases: corrective hoof care and preventive hoof care.

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