The Bovi Hoof Care Concept

The Bovi Hoof Care Concept is all about zero tolerance.

Preventive treatment is the keyword to ensure zero tolerance, preventing the hoof problems instead of treating lameness. The best practise in all situations when trying to treat any type of lesions is cleaning before treatment. This makes it possible for earlier detection and far better healing. Because with a clean environment, you give the cow the best circumstance to start the natural healing process.

The products in The Bovi Hoof Care Concept have been developed through the last 10 years, we have tested, changed & adjusted to ensure that we have the best products to support the concept. Our 3 categories of products are the three steps in hoof health, that we believe will help accomplish the goals for zero tolerance.

Bovi Wash

Cleaning and disinfection systems to prevent hoof-skin diseases, as digital dermatitis

Bovi Trim

Simple and effective hoof trimming crushes developed for farmers

Bovi Care

Effective and convenient products developed for prevention and treatment