Bovi Cart – Manual hoof wash for optimal hoof care and prevention of Digital Dermatitis

Adapted hoof wash Bovi Cart is a manual hoof washer, which is developed with the purpose of making it easier to wash the hoofs of animals that are fixated in cattle fence. Bovi Carts is furthermore also developed for the farmers who do not need a stationary hoof washer, but who will do hoof washing with the same unit in more barns.

Numerous tests show that frequent washing of the hooves has a controlling effect on inter-digital dermatitis. It is particularly important to clean in the cavity between the hooves. The high water pressure, which Bovi Carts is equipped with, gives an efficient but gentle cleaning.

With and without chemicals

Bovi Cart is equipment with a 50 litres container, where you can mix water with soap, chemicals or disinfection. As the tank holds enough water for 40-80 treatments, the water consumption is low. The Bovi Cart is delivered fully equipped with a spray lance and a reel, which holds 7,5 m hose. As an option the reel can also be equipped with up to 20 m hose. This, together with the batteri, ensures the best working range, even in large stables. In this way you will be able to fixate a line of animals and wash their hoofs while walking behind them. Different lances are available, e.g. for working in milking parlors.

Targeted use of a hoof remedy

At the end of the hose there is a 1,6 meter long lance, which also makes it possible to wash down the forelegs on the animals. We have developed an application unit for the lance, which makes it possible to put a precise dose of any preferred hoof remedy in the center of the hoof.

A mobile and flexible hoof washer

Bovi Cart is flexible as it can be moved between barns. It can both be used to washing hoofs in the barn, in the milking parlour and near the hoof-trimming box.

Bovi Cart

Technical specification:

  • Stepless working pressure of 5 bar

  • 50-litre tank capacity

  • Standard hose length: 7,5 meters (up to 20 meters as an option)

  • industrial battery

  • Pistol with a long lance for washing in cattle fence

  • Pistol with a short lance for washing in milking parlors

  • Pistol for washing at the hoof-trimming box

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