One man, one cow, one minute!

Minimum time consumption
The hoof care box is placed when the cow is fixed with a rope or in the cattle fence/headlock.

Simple operation
The box is operated by two mounted winch. The winch on the side elevates the cow and the winch on the back elevates both the front- and back leg. To secure a safe hoof trimming the Hoof Care Box is equipped with a supporting device for the front- and back leg.

  • The box is brought to the cow and not the other way around
  • The cow do not leave its immediate environment
  • You will be able to treat immediate problems yourself
  • It has a simple operation
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The Hoof Care Box

The Measurements of the Box

  • Height: 2,10 meter
  • Width: 1,15 meter
  • Length: 2,40 meter

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